Stormwater Quality Master Plan - Blue Ocean Civil Consulting
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Stormwater Quality Master Plan

Culver City, Los Angeles, California

Our Approach

Blue Ocean was the prime consultant that produced a Stormwater Quality Master Plan (SWQMP) for the City of Culver City. The project provides justifiable decision-making tools to help the City spend public funding on stormwater quality compliance and establishes a foundation for defensible compliance progress, strategy, and effort.


A notable feature of the SWQMP is the online dashboard and mapping tool, which displays compliance progress and strategy in real time, encourages planning and collaboration with other city departments to maximize multi-benefit projects and increase efficiency across all CIPs, and tracks spending on projects through the planning, bid, and construction phases.


The SWQMP analyses identified the most feasible BMPs throughout the City – from regional scale to parcel scale. Multi-benefit metrics recognized Priority Projects that were detailed into concept plans which are used as a communication tool for obtaining public input, project partnerships, and grant funding.

Project Highlights

  • The SWQMP clearly identifies what is possible, and what may not be possible, regarding regulatory stormwater quality targets and the timeline and costs associated with meeting those targets.
  • Blue Ocean developed a plan that targeted compliance as well as an implementation strategy in anticipation of future regulatory compliance challenges.
  • A straightforward approach with a website/database the City owns and can maintain going forward.

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