Envision Verification and Sustainability Consulting - Blue Ocean Civil Consulting
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Envision Verification and Sustainability Consulting

Kunia, Oahu, Hawaii

Our Approach

Blue Ocean worked closely with Kunia Country Farms and the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) to complete the verification process and receive the first Envision Gold award in Hawaii.


Kunia Country Farms is one of the largest commercial aquaponics farms and producers of leafy greens in the state of Hawaii. Zero Impact Farming techniques incorporated into the project include minimizing water and electricity use, soil degradation, pollution,and other environmental diseconomies, and maximizing land efficiency, labor efficiency, and the production process.


  • Training KCF leadership and project team in the Envision credits and rating system,
  • Developing strategy for credit approach,
  • Providing preliminary and updated rating assessments at various project stages,
  • Creating a streamlined format for credit submittal writeups for ease of verifier review,
  • Consulting services for future farm expansion and determining areas for increased sustainability measures, and
  • Completing an award-winning submittal package to ISI.

Project Highlights

  • Blue Ocean is an Envision Qualified Company and employs an Envision Verifier and Envision Sustainability Professionals (ENV SP). We are contracted by ISI to facilitate third-party reviews of projects submitted for Envision verification and award
  • Our experience working with ISI to complete Envision assessments, documentation, verification, and award processes can be directly applied to projects that may be award-competitive, as a boost to grant funding pursuits, or as a tool to enhance projects from a holistic perspective.
  • Blue Ocean participates in and are founding members of TEACHawaii (The Envision Action Committee of Hawaii), a task force created to promote sustainable infrastructure and explore the potential for implementation of the Envision rating system in Hawaii.

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